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Imagine making out with your icon and you sneak your hand up their shirt to pull out a grapefruit. then a variety fruit comes flooding out from under their shirt and soon they are buried under the fruit. They are gone

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So I found this comment shazams

I’ll be honest… that is pretty disrespectful. Or maybe not that. Maybe it’s just straight up ignorance. 80 isn’t even half of what Nova pays me for a 1-2 minute animation.

It’s because of stuff like THIS  that way too many artists are under paid and devalue their work. Because so many people don’t understand the amount of work and time that goes into any art piece. Whether it’s animation or illustration.

I’ll do the math for you so you know why this kinda ticks me off. On average I spend about 30-40 hours for a 1-2 minute animation. Now this video is about 11.5 minutes long so I would most likely spend about 345 hours on it if not more. That would be about 14 days straight if I work with no sleep, breaks, eating, etc. Just working non stop. Now if I only made 80 dollars from this and worked 345 hours I would be making about 0.23 for every hour that I worked.


I’ll be getting your pocket change for an hours worth of work.

This is the problem many artists are faced with. And it is extremely sad and frustrating.

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Round 1: Kootra vs Geoff Ramsey - Boss Battle

(Hey guys. Had this idea during all the RTX coverage the other week. Hopefully I’ll get all the match ups done this week.

I dont think I could handle his mustache, it seems pretty op